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Mantra Remedy for Holiday and Post-Holiday Stress

Mantra Remedy for Holiday and Post-Holiday Stress



Every year we hope the holiday season will bring us lightness in the heart and the joys of sharing, but these expectations go unfulfilled more often than not.

The truth is that when you add to your usual hefty load of tasks—traditional holiday shopping, late-night cooking, overeating, holidays card writing, festive email replies and more, there’s barely any time left for enjoyment, contemplation, wonder and love.

Tools for Better Thinking

For thousands of years the great sages of India and other spiritual traditions have delivered nearly magical sets of sounds that can shift your mood, heal a hurt, change your breathing, enhance love, calm the heart and more. These sounds have been traditionally called mantra, which loosely translated from the Sanskrit means “an instrument for auspicious thinking.”

The effectiveness behind mantras is well known to those who practice traditional yoga. When you give the mind a positive sound for concentration, an unexpected door to peace and quiet opens up. Even more importantly, energy builds in the body and the mind is refreshed.

Mantras bring you both material and spiritual benefits.MIDDLE-MANTRA-BLOG

While we can find innumerable mantras in the Indian traditions, the most common and well-known is ‘OM’, for eons considered the primordial sound of creation. Many yogis and mantra practitioners can hear OM in deep meditation.

Chanting OM after a long and hectic day can prepare you for a sound and refreshing sleep.

Mantras are available to you at any time you need to feel more centered, they’re sound-based tools for well-being and can be chanted aloud. But when chanted mentally—they have been known to be more profoundly effective.

It goes without saying that you can mentally chant mantras anywhere and especially on your train and plane trips, or at any time when you are not driving a vehicle. In fact, mantras can temporarily change your consciousness and take you to subtler states of awareness.

These sounds cannot be used when your intense concentration is required. But they are rescue toolsfor regaining your peace after work and refreshing your mind during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

Lalitha Head Shot

Energetic Updates

A Bright Star…Aleya Dao on Emboldened Heart


Do Not Miss This!


Aleya Dao is one of the most brilliant, powerful 

and fun guides on the planet today!




“Bask in the LIght”

Aleya has a deep understanding of the Divine Aspect of every part of YOU! She works with THE LIGHT, and has a unique and very special way of assisting you, whether the need is healing, manifestation, love, connection, communication or deepening the relationship you have with your own guides and your Higher Self.

Her work is a treasure trove of powerful insights, connection with the celestial realm, energetic healing, music and vocal blessings and that will help you to deepen your  connection with your self  and experience on all levels complete LOVE for YOUR life.

Here’s the Link for my interview with Aleya Dao:

Title: Aleya Dao on Emboldened Heart
Time: Wednesday, October 23rd

11 am Pacific Time, 12 Noon Mountain Time, 1 pm Central Time, 2 pm Eastern Time

Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast

To attend, visit:

Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
Pin Code: 804541#

Aleya’s work is unlike any other! She helps us gain a new understanding of ourselves  that is beyond anything we previously experienced. Listen and you will be deeply touched by her work, and her BRIGHT SPIRIT!


Aleya also put together an awesome package of her beautiful, high vibration music and meditations that is available for you here:


Take advantage of this opportunity to increase your own vibration, happiness and personal power!  

It’s my passion and mission to bring you information, tools and methods to help you accomplish your heart’s desire. I’m honored to share this with you.

Blessings and Light,

Malinda Zarate


Music that Harmonizes and Optimizes Your Energetic Field

Mark Romeo’s incredible and beautiful guitar music will touch you deeply. In fact, it will likely have a positive effect on your entire energy system!

Mark warmth and friendliness, his genuine passion for helping others
change for good and the vibration of his singularly exquisite music is a true joy to experience.

Listen to my recent interview with Mark and reap the benefits!

Here’s the replay link:



Warm Regards,

Malinda Zarate


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