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Take a Detox Bath!

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How To Take The Perfect Detox Bath

How To Take A Perfect Detox Bath


Baths are amazing. They’re an easy way to sink into a state of relaxation, unwind and restore your body after all the stress of the day. With a few added boosts from natural ingredients, a regular bath can become something even better: A detox bath.

I know what you’re thinking: I barely have time for a shower, let alone a super-fancy bath! But trust me, taking some time for a detox bath is absolutely worth it.

Think about it: Your body’s pores are dealing with toxins all day, even if you’re not exercising.Sweating is one way of releasing your body from potentially harmful toxins, and detox baths are one way of sweating out toxins while not potentially exposing your body to harmful elements. The process behinds these baths is a version of osmosis. That basically means that toxins are first drawn to the surface of the skin by the bath’s hot water and then cleansed away as the water cools.

In addition to cleansing the body of toxins, a detox bath helps with overall regulation of the body’s processes. Some baths can help regulate the activity of enzymes, while others helpalleviate pain and aid the healing process for those with non-ideal pH levels. Certain detox baths can help with excessive body odor! There things are amazing.

Here’s how you can take the perfect detox bath in your own home:

1. Make sure you are properly hydrated.

A detoxing bath is supposed to be intense, drawing out all sorts of impurities from your body. Making sure you’re well hydrated beforehand will help prevent any unintentional damage to your body during the process.

2. Fill up a very hot bath.

Fill up the tub as much as you can, with the water as hot as you can stand it. This will help the bath be most effective in drawing out toxins.

3. Fill the tub with the active ingredients.

There are many recipes out there for detox baths. It’s up to you to decide what ingredients you’d like to add. This will determine what benefits your body will enjoy from the bath.

Most detox bath recipes contain at least one “harsh” ingredient that actively draws out the toxins. They’re things that you wouldn’t normally think of as bath ingredients, such as bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, or even hydrogen peroxide. They’re balanced out by “soothing” ingredients that lend other benefits. Think ginger, seaweed and (my favorite)essential oils.

4. Sink in and STAY in.

Follow the suggestions of your specific individual detox bath recipe. But it’s typically advised that you stay in your detox bath for at least twenty minutes. You have to give the ingredients time to work on your skin!

5. Dry off and treat your skin gently.

Be very careful getting out of the bath when your time is up. Your body’s just been through a lot. Take time to drink water and let your body recover. You can brush your body down for additional detoxing benefits, but be gentle to your body in general.

Favorite Detox Bath Recipe



Mix epsom salt, baking soda and bentonite clay together. Add essential oils and pour into hot bath water.

Have a happy bath time!

The Energy of Laughter



Let’s have some fun and LIGHTEN UP!  The Energy of Laughter is the topic this week. Laughter does so much for us and sometimes we just need to be reminded to laugh… Life can be pretty serious sometimes, right? How often do we really consider the subject of laughter? It’s been awhile since I devoted a call to this topic and it feels like a good time to bring in some GOOD HUMOUR and GOOD CLEAN FUN!
There is a lot we can learn about LAUGHTER. Hmmm…What does it do for us?
Some AMAZING and surprising information has been obtained through
research done with LAUGHTER…
Laughter is actually really good for us, It’s REALLY, REALLY GOOD FOR US!
Listen in TOMORROW… I will be discussing  AMAZING INFORMATION about the  ENERGY OF LAUGHTER, as well as the subject of laughter in regards to “the Big Picture” for total health and wellness.
This call will be fun, surprising and informative!
It may even change the way you think about LAUGHTER from now on…I hope it does!
I  will provide 10 HEALTH-GIVING TIPS for YOU with regard to the Energy of Laughter and how you can use it to INCREASE YOUR OWN PERSONAL WELLNESS, as well as how to use it to increase your enjoyment of life! 
Join me for a FASCINATING AND FUN Friday call this week where we will focus on the ENERGY of LAUGHTER … DON’T MISS THIS ONE!
Title: The Energy of Laughter

Time: Friday, February 15th at 1:00 pm Central
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
Phone number: (206) 402-0100
PIN Code: 804541#

To attend, visit:

You can listen by phone, Skype or Webcast!
As always, I just share information and ask the questions. YOU come up with the  RIGHT ANSWERS FOR YOURSELF….
We’ll identify ways where you can begin using the  ENERGY OF LAUGHTER to achieve happiness, wellness and health, and how it could even help lead you to whatever other wonderful things you desire!
Looking forward to having YOU listen in!
Warmest Regards,
Malinda Zarate

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