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Take your Visionary Business to the Next Level! “Rapid Business Growth Training”… WHAT???



You know as well as I do that our world is in REAL need of healing and postive change…

That’s why changemakers like you inspire me so much. Your ingenuity, compassion and dedication is vitally important to the future of our planet.

I know that making a profound positive difference lights you up more than anything else. I also know how draining and disheartening the day-to-day struggle can be, without positive support and encouragement…

So when I discover outstanding training that directly supports the work we’re doing, I can’t help but get excited about it!

That’s why I highly recommend this training for you:

 Next Level Rapid Business Growth Training for Visionary Changemakers

This is a brand new complimentary webinar series from my trusted friend and mentor, Ryan Eliason — one of the world’s top business coaches. It starts on May 29th, and it’s perfect for you if:

  • You value integrity, social change, sustainability, and creating a world where everyone wins.

  • You’re tired of feeling powerless in the face of the world’s most pressing problems, and you want to significantly expand your impact, influence and income.

  • You’re no longer satisfied with feeling stuck, and you’re ready for expert guidance that quickly moves you to the next level.

  • You want to serve hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people, make a real difference for them, and still have time for a life.

By signing up, you’ll get access to four high-value training FREE webinars, plus two in-depth case studies with profoundly inspiring changemakers like Ocean Robbins and Sage Lavine.

Over 50,000 people from more than 100 countries have benefitted from Ryan’s previous trainings. That means you’ll also get to connect with thousands of like-minded visionary entrepreneurs from all over the world.

In a hurry? Click here to register for FREE: 

Ryan’s Rapid Business Growth Training


Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll get from the series:

Webinar #1: Ten Vital Steps to Explode Your Positive Impact
How to make a great living by changing the world. 

Webinar #2: The 11 Most Damaging Business and Marketing Myths
Avoid years of struggle, save 10-100K, and arrive at your ultimate destination 2-5 years ahead of schedule.

Webinar #3 – The Six Essential Pillars of Mastery
Learn to catalyze massive transformation through collaboration, communication, movement building, enrollment, and effective technology use.

Webinar #4 – Visionary Business Mastery
The proven 12-module system that leads to a “Black Belt” in visionary entrepreneurship.

If this resonates with you, RSVP here:

Rapid Business Growth Training


Remember, there’s no charge for this value-packed, world-changing training.

If I haven’t already told you about Ryan, let me briefly
introduce him now…

Long before it was “hip to be green” he started a non-profit organization that empowered more than 675,000 young visionary leaders from 65 nations to create social change, improve human rights, and increase environmental sustainability.

He’s been breathing, eating and sleeping “business for change” since he was a teenager; and has grown 6 successful businesses over the last 23 years. He’s also conducted thousands of business coaching sessions and his clients absolutely rave about how he’s helped them. I happen to be one of his past clients, and I gained so help from him, it was worth many times the cost of the program.

I’m thrilled that Ryan’s agreed to do this series of 4 complimentary webinars, and I know you’ll be excited about what you get from it!

Register here:

Changemaker Business Growth Training


Join Ryan to accelerate the growth of your visionary business.

I highly recommend it!

Warmest Regards,

Malinda Zarate

The Energy of Laughter



Let’s have some fun and LIGHTEN UP!  The Energy of Laughter is the topic this week. Laughter does so much for us and sometimes we just need to be reminded to laugh… Life can be pretty serious sometimes, right? How often do we really consider the subject of laughter? It’s been awhile since I devoted a call to this topic and it feels like a good time to bring in some GOOD HUMOUR and GOOD CLEAN FUN!
There is a lot we can learn about LAUGHTER. Hmmm…What does it do for us?
Some AMAZING and surprising information has been obtained through
research done with LAUGHTER…
Laughter is actually really good for us, It’s REALLY, REALLY GOOD FOR US!
Listen in TOMORROW… I will be discussing  AMAZING INFORMATION about the  ENERGY OF LAUGHTER, as well as the subject of laughter in regards to “the Big Picture” for total health and wellness.
This call will be fun, surprising and informative!
It may even change the way you think about LAUGHTER from now on…I hope it does!
I  will provide 10 HEALTH-GIVING TIPS for YOU with regard to the Energy of Laughter and how you can use it to INCREASE YOUR OWN PERSONAL WELLNESS, as well as how to use it to increase your enjoyment of life! 
Join me for a FASCINATING AND FUN Friday call this week where we will focus on the ENERGY of LAUGHTER … DON’T MISS THIS ONE!
Title: The Energy of Laughter

Time: Friday, February 15th at 1:00 pm Central
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
Phone number: (206) 402-0100
PIN Code: 804541#

To attend, visit:

You can listen by phone, Skype or Webcast!
As always, I just share information and ask the questions. YOU come up with the  RIGHT ANSWERS FOR YOURSELF….
We’ll identify ways where you can begin using the  ENERGY OF LAUGHTER to achieve happiness, wellness and health, and how it could even help lead you to whatever other wonderful things you desire!
Looking forward to having YOU listen in!
Warmest Regards,
Malinda Zarate

Happy Valentine’s Day – Messages from Angels…on Emboldened Heart




All of these angelic and powerful women have a very special gift of being able to uplift us with brilliant life-changing help, and to channel amazing and beautiful messages from the Higher Realms…


DaKara helps you relinquish all struggle

Jennifer Hoffman channels Archangel Uriel 

Amy Flynn channels The Collective

Susann Taylor Shier channels The Beloveds

Zabe Barnes channels messages from Seashells

Elma Mayer shows us powerful NOW Healing


Replays and all Special Offer packages are available through midnight on February 14th. All are Designed to give YOU new information and wonderful ways to achieve  all of your heart’s desires…








“Relinquish Struggle”


DaKara Kies guides you through a  powerful process to relinquish struggle. She shared with us on the very special and sacred 12-12-12 gateway date a powerful Spiritual Energy Healing Modality brought forth to the planet by the Divine Mother, known as Heart Point Technique.




Here’s the Link for my interview with DaKara Kies:


Here’s the Link to the Replay Page: 


DaKara has a  special offer, that is only available to you during this special program, that will teach you how to relinquish struggle and much more!


Here is the link to DaKara’s Special Package offered at a discounted price for YOU:



Here’s what people are saying about my call with  DaKara:


What huge relief to know that I can energetically cancel my contracts with struggle! Thank you, both, DaKara and Malinda!


DaKara has a powerfully effective approach and I really got so much from her today. Blessings received here…








Jennifer will describe the 5 Laws that apply to how we create love in our life. Within these 5 Laws is all of the information you need to understand

  • why you may not have love in your life right now,
  • why your relationships tend to be unfulfilling, challenging, sad or frustrating
  • why you long for love (and how to change that)
  • why you can’t seem to find the right or perfect partner (and the good ones are not all taken)
  • why you may think that no one sees you as the wonderful person you are who has much love to offer and who deserves love and to be loved.

Love is an energy and not an emotion. Here’s the secret you will learn in this call — that in order to master love in your life you have to learn how to master energy.


Jennifer Hoffman is a celebrated intuitive mystic, author, radio host, life and business mentor and spiritual teacher. She has  beautiful and amazing messages to help us in this new era with the new energies we are being blessed with now. Don’t miss this one!              

Here’s the Replay link for my interview with Jennifer Hoffman:

Jennifer Hoffman on Emboldened Heart

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page: 



Jennifer has a  special offer, that is only available to you during this special program, that will teach you how to master energy.

Here is the link to Jennifer Hoffman’s Special Package offered at a discounted price for YOU!       http://emboldenedheart.com/Jennifer/


Here’s what people are saying about my call with Jennifer:


When Jennifer Hoffman speaks, I listen! She has such incredible insight and presents really profound information in such an understandable way. She’s fantastic!


Jennifer IS an angel! What a lovely gift for all of us. Everyone needs to listen to this and it will powerfully change their life~!








In this powerful call Amy will share some simple practices that you can do daily to connect and align you with the energy of the Heart allowing it work for you.  You’ll experience relief, ease and joy as you feel your energy shifting throughout the call.  Amy and The Collective will guide you through a wonderful powerful heart centering guided meditation to powerfully connect you with your Source.


This jam packed call with Amy Flynn will:

  • Guide you to awakening and remembering who you are
  • Move you beyond your mind into a higher vibration of love and joy
  • Give you tools to connect with Source and your Heart center shifting you away from scarcity and fear
  • Teach you simple tricks to quiet your critical mind and move into peace
  • Reveal how your breath is a magical tool that opens the door to your delicious life

You will leave the call feeling peaceful, joyful and “in Flow.” This will be wonderful, I promise!


Here’s the Link for my interview with Amy Flynn:


Amy Flynn on Emboldened Heart

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page: 



Amy has a  special offer, that is only available to you during this special program, that will teach you how to connect deeply with your heart, to meet your source guides and find instant JOY!  Here is the link to Amy’s special  package offer:     http://emboldenedheart.com/Amy/


Here is what people are saying about my call with Amy:


One word, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!   Thank you for sharing yourself so generously!  I was moved beyond measure.  So much of what you shared so resonated with me. I LOVED it when you spoke about your monastery experience and said: “I had to be alone with my mind”!
You two brought the great out in each other!  Way to go.  Thanks always for your wonderful loving energy.  Your relationship with The Collective is so darn cute.  Love it!  And the heart meditation was very loving.





Live from the Heart – Build the True Foundation for Prosperity”


Susann Taylor Shier is an established and exceptionally gifted author, speaker, and intuitive counselor who teaches how to access and live from the magnificence of your soul gifts, strengths and purpose. Susann is committed to inspire the revelation of each person’s heart and soul.


Listen and learn how to powerfully live from your heart.


Here’s the Link for my interview with Susann Taylor Shier:


Susann Taylor Shier on Emboldened Heart

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page: 




Susann has a  special offer, that is only available to you during this special program, that will teach you how to connect with your sacred heart and the radiance of your soul, as well as how to co-create with Spirit’s wealth.  Here’s the link to Susann’s special package which is offered at a discount for You:      http://emboldenedheart.com/Susann/


Here is what people are saying about my call with Susann:


Wow! What a lovely and crystal-clear message for us about how to live more easily, joyfully and abundantly from the Heart! Thank you so much!
Susann and Malinda, many thanks! This was so interesting and really inspired me to really start to live from my heart. Can wait to hear more from The Beloveds… Wonderful interview…!





“Activating Cosmic Spirals Within”


​Zabe Barnes has a beautiful and sacred understanding of spirals and how their energy can heal and empower. She uses seashells in her process and will provide for you an activation of your own “Cosmic Spirals Within.”




Here’s the Link for my interview with Zabe Barnes:

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page: 



Zabe also put together a wonderful special offer package which is offered at a big discount. Her special offer can be found here: http://emboldenedheart.com/Zabe/

Here’s what people said about my call with Zabe:


Seashells! What an unusual and awesome way to connect with Spiritual Guidance…Can’t wait to learn more!


I found Zabe’s work so soothing, so calming, like a trip to the seashore! It really helped me to relax and recover my sense of peace…



“Transform Any Pattern, Problem or Pain

by Shifting its Energy Field NOW”


It’s All Energy, and You Can Shift It Now! No matter what you want to improve, Elma’s simple technique can shift it. It’s like the master key that unlocks any door. Elma will guide you through an actual Now Healing session – for an issue of your choice. You’ll learn how to tune in to the energy field of your issue. And best of all, you’ll learn how to shift it.




Here’s the Link for my interview with Elma Mayer:

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page:


Elma also put together a wonderful special offer package which is offered at a big discount. Her special offer can be found here: http://emboldenedheart.com/Elma


Here’s what people said about my interview with Elma:


I was so excited to hear about Elma’s approach to healing and so delighted that she put it together in a simple and powerful program that makes it accessible to me! Thank you!


Elma’s approach to healing is nothing short of brilliant…she obviously was guided by angels…





It’s my mission to provide transformative concepts,  methods and processes so that YOU can create the life which is truly your Heart’s Desire.

I’m honored to share this life-changing information with you!


Happy Valentine’s Day! 


Warm Regards,

Malinda Zarate


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