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It’s Safe to Let Your Light Shine…Inspiration from Shanta Gabriel

So perfect for RIGHT NOW! Enjoy…holiday blessings to all – Malinda

Inspiration for the Week ~ Shanta Gabriel

It’s Safe to Let Your Light Shine!

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages Book and The Gabriel Message Cards in these articles to provide insight and inspiration each week that we can bring into our daily lives.

In this week’s message we are being offered a way of being that not only supports our holiday season but can transform the world.

The Gabriel Message card for this week:

It’s Safe to Let Your Light Shine!

Shanta GabrielThis is the shortest of the Gabriel Messages and yet one of the most powerful. Every time I read it my heart is blasted with Archangelic Wisdom and Divine inspiration for an empowered life.

Today is the Solstice and Light is the teaching for this powerful day. In the northern hemisphere we have seen our days darken and we are now turning to welcome in the frequencies of Light. In the Southern realms they are moving into times of fruition and harvest of what they sowed throughout the season of planting seeds. Their days begin to grow slowly shorter.

No matter what the sun is doing in our outer world, there has never been a time when the world needs our Light more than now. The holiday season is not always an easy one for many people and for some their days are often dark. When we can allow ourselves to shine some of our Joy, some of our Faith into their world, it must brighten for them, even for a moment. Just your smile can light up their world.

There were times in our history when it was not safe to let our inner Light shine too brightly. Many of us have deep scars from past lives when we were abused or killed for showing our true Divine Light to the world. But this is not the case any longer. In fact, this is a time when the world really needs us to stand in our deepest most authentic truth and shine that Light brightly so we can be a Beacon of Light to all beings.

Today is also the New Moon. That is the time every month when we are energetically supported to create new beginnings. It is a moment when we create powerful intentions that will carry us throughout the month. Whatever energies we set into motion during the first quarter of every moon cycle will be the energy that empowers our entire month. Because it uses both hemispheres of the brain, writing our intentions down will allow us to communicate with our most Divine selves and create the life we want to experience. Because this day has the blessing of Solstice as well, these powerful energies will send our intentions into the quantum field for fruition. So dream BIG and make a sacred place to hold the deepest dreams of your heart.

This holiday season is all about Light, and with the influx of the Christ Consciousness at the opening of the12:12 portal we have more high frequencies of Divine Light to shine than ever before. It becomes the most natural thing to do as we allow it to flow through us and then radiate out to the world. We can trust that we are supported to do this because there are more Masters and Angels available at this time of the year than any other. With only a small amount of focus of intention, we can step into the flow of Divine Light and let it fill every cell and fiber of our being with the Love and Intelligence inherent in that Light. We can then radiate it outward into our energy fields and it shines in the world, beautifully and gracefully.

Here is a prayer to brighten and empower your holiday season.

Divine Presence,

During this precious season of Holy Days, may I learn to become a radiant Beacon of Divine Light. May I relax into my true, most loving self and allow this Light of Pure Love to shine through me to others. May I truly know that Well-being is my only reality and that I am safe because I am being carried by a Love that never ends. May I have the deep experience of being held in Wings of Divine Light as I share this time with others.

May I be the one who has the courage to smile first. May I be willing to be the one that walks through my world with an open heart. May I be the one that demonstrates lovingkindness no matter who I am interacting with.

May all beings know that we are truly family. May all of humanity open their hearts to allow their most Eternal, Empowered, Authentic, Divine Nature to radiate Light and Love within and around them at all times. And may we also be great receivers, acting in Faith and Wisdom, as we allow ourselves to be filled with the greatest Light the world has ever known.

So be it. Be it so. Amen.

This is the anniversary for the first year of the Inspiration of the Week page. I thank all who have supported and participated with this work throughout this year. Thank you also for sharing these messages with others.

With Gratitude and Love, I wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a very sacred Solstice.

Shanta Gabriel
December, 2014

The Gabriel Messages #36  

It’s safe to let your Light shine!

Dear One,

At the very heart of you is the pure light of God. This light has the ability to change your thinking and change your outer world. It is a light which, like a flame when fanned, can fill every cell, every fiber of your being and transform you. Fanning this flame means giving the light within you a time of focused attention.

Your imagination holds the key to transforming your life. What you believe can be achieved. Even before you believe something is true, you can allow the possibility to be there and imagine it to be true. Wherever you focus your attention, your life-force energy will follow.


Imagine the light within you shining brightly. Give yourself a moment to inhale deeply, and as you exhale, imagine a golden light beam moving from the base of your spine into the earth. As you continue to breathe, feel this deep connection to the earth relax you and provide a strong base within you.

Now, bring your attention to your heart center, the powerful magnetic field in the middle of your chest. Imagine there is a glowing flame of light burning there. As you breathe in, this flame grows larger and brighter. As you breathe out, the light from this flame begins to fill your body. Continue to breathe and imagine this light expanding behind your shoulders and down your back, feel it filling every organ and every cell. This is the Light of pure Spirit, the healing love of God. This light fills you with the Divine Presence and radiates from you in waves of Pure Love.

Now imagine this light shining from you and blessing your house, the area where you live and the planet. Imagine this loving light blessing all the people you meet today. It’s a good feeling to send Light to others as well as to yourself. This light promotes healing energy in the world around you and in your own body. Peace begins within the heart of each person individually. God’s Light, shining from the heart of each person on Earth, would bring peace to the planet and transform the world.

It’s safe to let your light shine. Maybe when you were a child, it did not feel safe to be who you really were inside — innocent, trusting and filled with the light of Divine Love. But the consciousness of the people in the world is beginning to change. Now people everywhere are turning to spirituality as the only place where they can find true Peace and Happiness. They are longing for more sweetness and Love in their lives. So the Angels say, “fear not.” When you shine your purest Light on the world, you will be a loving presence. You don’t have to say anything. Your energy alone will have a transforming effect.

The visualization of the Flame of Love in your heart shining out to the people of Earth is very potent. No matter what is happening around you, keep this visualization moving through you. It takes a little practice, but it will have a healing effect even if you can’t see it. Just your willingness to imagine it is enough to create a Light shining from within you. This Light carries a very high frequency and is that which connects you and everyone around you to the infinite power of Divine Love.

The master Jesus suggested that your light should not be hidden under a bushel. Let your light shine forth to bless the world and your life for the good of all humanity.

Remember your message from the Angels for today,

It’s safe to let your Light shine!

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel, 2014


Prosperity, Love, Health and Happiness – What More Do You Want? Jennifer Hoffman, Amy Flynn and Susann Taylor Shier Replays on Emboldened Heart


All three of these powerful women have a very special gift of being able to channel amazing and beautiful messages from the Higher Realms.

Jennifer Hoffman channels Archangel Uriel 

Amy Flynn channels The Collective

Susann Taylor Shier channels The Beloveds

This Special  Event is Designed to give YOU new information and wonderful ways to achieve  all of your heart’s desires.




Jennifer will describe the 5 Laws that apply to how we create love in our life. Within these 5 Laws is all of the information you need to understand

  • why you may not have love in your life right now,
  • why your relationships tend to be unfulfilling, challenging, sad or frustrating
  • why you long for love (and how to change that)
  • why you can’t seem to find the right or perfect partner (and the good ones are not all taken)
  • why you may think that no one sees you as the wonderful person you are who has much love to offer and who deserves love and to be loved.

Love is an energy and not an emotion.

Here’s the secret you will learn in this class — that in order to master love in your life you have to learn how to master energy.

Jennifer Hoffman is a celebrated intuitive mystic, author, radio host, life and business mentor and spiritual teacher. She has  beautiful and amazing messages to help us in this new era with the new energies we are being blessed with now. Don’t miss this one!              

Here’s the Replay link for my interview with Jennifer Hoffman:

Jennifer Hoffman on Emboldened Heart

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page: 


Jennifer has a  special offer, that is only available to you during this special program, that will teach you how to master energy.

Here is the link to Jennifer Hoffman’s Special Package offered at a discounted price for YOU!       http://emboldenedheart.com/Jennifer/

Here’s what people are saying about my call with Jennifer:

When Jennifer Hoffman speaks, I listen! She has such incredible insight and presents really profound information in such an understandable way. She’s fantastic!

Why didn’t they teach us this stuff when we were kids! Jennifer brought such clarity to me about how I can change my approach to relationships that I can’t begin to express my thanks…

Jennifer IS an angel! What a lovely gift for all of us. Everyone needs to listen to this and it will powerfully change their life~!





In this powerful call Amy will share some simple practices that you can do daily to connect and align you with the energy of the Heart allowing it work for you.  You’ll experience relief, ease and joy as you feel your energy shifting throughout the call.  Amy and The Collective will guide you through a wonderful powerful heart centering guided meditation to powerfully connect you with your Source.

This call will shift you to a higher vibration of Love and Joy very quickly and give you tools to connect you to Source to experience joy and abundance and move you away from scarcity and fear.

This jam packed call with Amy Flynn will:
  • Guide you to awakening and remembering who you are
  • Move you beyond your mind into a higher vibration of love and joy
  • Give you tools to connect with Source and your Heart center shifting you away from scarcity and fear
  • Teach you simple tricks to quiet your critical mind and move into peace
  • Reveal how your breath is a magical tool that opens the door to your delicious life

You will leave the call feeling peaceful, joyful and “in Flow.” This will be wonderful, I promise!

Here’s the Link for my interview with Amy Flynn:

Amy Flynn on Emboldened Heart

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page: 


Amy has a  special offer, that is only available to you during this special program, that will teach you how to connect deeply with your heart, to meet your source guides and find instant JOY!  Here is the link to Amy’s special  package offer:     http://emboldenedheart.com/Amy/

Here is what people are saying about my call with Amy:

One word, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!   Thank you for sharing yourself so generously!  I was moved beyond measure.  So much of what you shared so resonated with me. I LOVED it when you spoke about your monastery experience and said: “I had to be alone with my mind”!
Thank you dear Amy!  This is just exactly what I needed to hear now, like an answer to a prayer.  Bless you!  
You two brought the great out in each other!  Way to go.  Thanks always for your wonderful loving energy.  Your relationship with The Collective is so darn cute.  Love it!  And the heart meditation was very loving.



Live from the Heart – Build the True Foundation for Prosperity”

Susann Taylor Shier is an established and exceptionally gifted author, speaker, and intuitive counselor who teaches how to access and live from the magnificence of your soul gifts, strengths and purpose. Susann is committed to inspire the revelation of each person’s heart and soul.

Speaking from her heart and channeling her incredible resources,Susann guides you to come alive to the power of your magnificent self.

Listen and learn how to powerfully live from your heart.

Here’s the Link for my interview with Susann Taylor Shier:

Susann Taylor Shier on Emboldened Heart

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page: 


Susann has a  special offer, that is only available to you during this special program, that will teach you how to connect with your sacred heart and the radiance of your soul, as well as how to co-create with Spirit’s wealth.  Here’s the link to Susann’s special package which is offered at a discount for You:      http://emboldenedheart.com/Susann/

Here is what people are saying about my call with Susann:

Wow! What a lovely and crystal-clear message for us about how to live more easily, joyfully and abundantly from the Heart! Thank you so much!
Susann’s energy is so lovely and strong, and I loved hearing her say that ANYONE can connect with Spirit for prosperity easily and simply. Love it!
Susann and Malinda, many thanks! This was so interesting and really inspired me to really start to live from my heart. Can wait to hear more from The Beloveds… Wonderful interview…!



It’s my mission to provide transformative concepts,  methods and processes so that YOU can create the life which is truly your Heart’s Desire.

I’m honored to share this life-changing information with you!  

Warm Regards,

Malinda Zarate


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