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The Energy of Water


Enjoy the Replay!


Water is everywhere! Inside of us, outside of us, all around us…
Water is such a vital element. It does so much for us and has so much to teach us, as well. How often do we really consider the subject of water?
We  can learn from the information contained in water. Of course, we can learn about all the minerals, trace elements and even the toxic contaminants in water. But what about the Energy of Water? What can it teach us?
Some fascinating and surprising information has been obtained through
research done with water…Water is actually affected by positive and negative thoughts, feelings and words!
This is GROUNDBREAKING, really!
Listen in … I will be discussing  AMAZING INFORMATION ABOUT THE ENERGY OF WATER, as well as the subject of water in regards to “the Big Picture” for total health and wellness.
This call should be surprising and informative!  It may even change the way you think about WATER from now on…I hope it does!
I  will provide 10 HEALTH-GIVING TIPS for YOU with regard to the Energy of Water and how you can use it to increase your OWN PERSONAL WELLNESS, as well as how to use it to increase your enjoyment of life! 
Join me for a FASCINATING AND FUN Friday call where we will focus on the Energy of Water … DON’T MISS THIS ONE!
Here’s the Replay Link:
Title: Energy of Water
As always, I just share information and ask the questions. YOU come up with the  RIGHT ANSWERS FOR YOURSELF….
We’ll identify ways where you can begin using the  ENERGY OF WATER to achieve happiness, wellness and health, and how it could even help lead you to whatever other wonderful things you desire!
Looking forward to having YOU listen in!
Warmest Regards,
Malinda Zarate
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Get Over Yourself – Accept Joy!

I love this one… Enjoy!

Welcome to Brenda’s Blog

Get Over Yourself – Accept Joy

Posted: 22 Jul 2014 10:57 AM PDT

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s July 18, 2014 channeled, free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: Those of you who cleared your core fear in the past few days will discover that your next big piece is expecting and accepting joy. A seemingly easy task until you attempt to do so.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for  www.LifeTapestryCreations.com: “What’ and ‘Why’ – New Earth Clearing Tools”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Many fear outcomes despite moving beyond the need to do so. You expect the same result true for this lifetime – before your transition – and many, if not all, previous lifetimes. It is as if someone has gifted you millions of dollars and you wonder when it will be taken away. Or you gamble with your winnings believing it does not matter, as all will be gone soon.

Then, there are those who will relish and enjoy the gifted millions – without embarrassment or apologies.

And so it is that you are at a belief crossroads. Do you truly believe in this transition? Or have you merely been voicing your belief in joy, but maintaining fears deep within you?

Perhaps you feel such is unfair for you have suffered for eons for the core belief embedded deep within you and just learned a few days ago what that core belief was – so you need more processing time.

In the 3D world you are most familiar with, you indeed would require and be allowed more time, But this is now, this is new earth. It is time to get ‘over yourself’ You have a beacon of light within you that you promised the Universes to shine.

That last statement appears to be yet another care taking role and so it is. Only this time, you are care taking yourself. Quite different from past eons when you were at the end of the care taking line. Everyone – parents, children, spouses, friends, community, country – came first. Do you understand that few wars would have been possible if self interests were culturally acceptable?

Perhaps you are thinking we are advising you to be selfish. We are. For once in this life and many others, determine who you are and what you need.

In the Old Age, lines were drawn. Take care of women, children, country, anyone deemed less powerful than you – and finally you.

Who determined what groups were less powerful or more needy?

Is it not true that only in the past 100 years or so in modern history, women were allowed to experience similar risks, jobs and activities as men? In past centuries were not seven-year-old children – both male and female – considered adults? Have not several female dominated cultures been discovered by archaeologists? Are there not countries who refuse participate in wars?

And yet, you continue believe that current culturally accepted and dominant behavior patterns are cast in stone.

When did those aforementioned cultural patterns change and why? What did those patterns represent that do not require representation in your current life? If changes occurred throughout earth history and were accepted and followed, why can you not believe that you can easily now live in joy?

You do not need to live in joy if you would rather not – but why not? The Universes – and you – are gifting you with love and abundance. It is time to accept and believe. Believing means knowing without a doubt that the pain of yesterday is no more.

You can fight and argue to live your pain/Old Age beliefs, but joy is here. Maintaining your pain belief is no different from continuing to believe horses are the most important means of transportation even though automobiles, airplanes and trains are readily available.

Shift you thinking process from that of pain to pleasure. Not because you have to – but why would you not want to?

Perhaps you feel you must accept pleasure. Such is the case for different reasons than you now perhaps imagine.

In past eons, you were forced to accept the beliefs best for society – at any cost to your person hood.

You are now accepting joy because of your person hood. Perhaps it will help you to think of this as a reading or math lesson you might not be particularly like, but something you must complete before progressing to more advanced studies.

For indeed, if you do not accept joy/pleasure/self-love; and the same is true for the next person and the next and the next – your life will remain in a fear mode. Earth and all other earth entities are shifting – whether or not you appreciate that. And it is time for human entities to fully accept their role in this amazing transition.

Even though you do not have to accept your new life of joy, you will be truly out-of-step with your world if you do not. And you will live in fear and pain far beyond the time you need to.

You have completed your fear lessons. You have cleansed – and exited your cocoon. Now allow yourself to accept and yes, enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Accept the Universal gifts being showered upon you. Accept joy, despite old indicators that you need to fear something.

Allow yourself to move beyond first grade. You no longer need to read those painfully boring Dick and Jane books. You can read whatever genre is of interest to you – as long as it is not frightening or painful. Those chapters of your life are long gone.

Accept and allow yourself to grow in the joy of your being. That is your Universal beacon of love and light – closely observed by those pondering whether to follow you.

Allow yourself to be in this new earth.

Accept that you are as powerful as you sometimes now imagine. Your new roles are in joyful drama and comedies. Your in-depth frightening and depressing dramas have successfully been completed. So be it. Amen

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The Energy of Power vs Force


 Power vs Force?..


We all want certain things in life, no matter what country we live in, what belief system we have, what religion we practice, what politics we embrace. We all want FREEDOM,  FULLFILLMENT, and HAPPINESS!  What matters is how we achieve it…through true power or by force (which is false, fleeting power).

How can we attain it? We attain it through developing our true power….

Through “Heart-Based” Living, ethical business and personal transformation …

It’s not hard to do, in fact…it’s really pretty easy. We just need a little reminder, a little encouragement, and a LOT OF SUPPORT!

That’s where I come in!

My passion and my mission in life is to support YOU in every possible way to create for YOURSELF, YOUR LOVED ONES, YOUR COMMUNITY and OUR PLANET EARTH a beautiful heart-based life!

Does it take money? Not much, if any – No, kidding….I really mean really not much, if any!

Does it take a lot of time? How much time do you have? Use it ALL in this endeavor, and it will expand YOUR LIFE, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, YOUR WORLD!

Does it take enormous work and commitment?  No, not at all… It takes YOU deciding to BE THE CHANGE!

Will it work?  YES!, IF YOU JUST GIVE IT AN HONEST AND HEARTFELT TRY…  Is what you’ve been doing working? How much time and effort have you invested in doing it the other way? How much more time would you like to give up…and for what?

I live in the US, and we just celebrated our INDEPENDENCE DAY on July 4th….. It’s certainly true that we’re not perfect…we have our issues and problems, that’s for sure. However, our country was founded as a result of “The Enlightenment”. Our founders were certainly enlightened when they wrote the Constitution of the United States. And no, they weren’t perfect either, but they were attempting to create something that had never been done before. Something really worthwhile, in fact. Something based on enlightened principles, on integrity and freedom of expression.

We all too often forget the founding principles of our country….LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS for EVERYONE.


I appreciate the fact that our country was trying to accomplish something extraordinary. My heart’s desire is that we can all TRULY become peaceful and cooperating CITIZENS OF THE WORLD!  I want this to happen sooner, rather than later…I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN IN MY LIFETIME!


Dedicated and courageous people all over our planet are doing all they can to create such a  world. Examples abound, if we look for them. Finding and recognizing these bright, inspiring individuals is such an important way to recognize OUR OWN POWER!
Please join me in celebrating a genuine way to achieve FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE AND HAPPINESS as I take you through a compelling journey of the difference between POWER vs.FORCE

We cover some really TRANSFORMATIONAL material…

This is a REAL WAKE-UP CALL! Don’t miss it!



Title: Energy of Power vs Force

Here’s the Replay Link:



Looking forward to having YOU listen in!
Warmest Regards,
Malinda Zarate

The Energy of Fire

The Energy of Fire



Fire, one of the four elements of nature, has been an important part of  all cultures and religions from pre-history to modern day. It has been regarded in many different contexts throughout history, but especially as a metaphysical constant of the world.


Summer, heat, sun, fire…And the Summer Fire is upon us!.


How can we use The Energy of Fire to inspire us, to transform our lives, to “embolden our hearts”?


This call wlll focus on the many powerful ways we can invoke The Energy of Fire in ourselves, in our hearts and in our lives!


The Energy of Fire

Here’s the Replay Link:






The Energy of Sound





Our world is filled with the ENERGY OF SOUND…ALL KINDS OF SOUNDS.
Our favorites include music, laughter, the sounds of nature such as birds chirping, water running in a brook or a stream, the sound of rain falling or waves crashing on a beach…
The energy of these sounds has a powerful effect on us mentally, emotionally, physically, even spiritually! There are many ways we can begin to consciously use THE ENERGY OF SOUND to DEEPLY enhance our CONNECTION TO OURSELVES AND OUR WORLD! Some AMAZING and surprising research done with THE ENERGY OF SOUND will be shared on this call.
Listen to this AMAZING INFORMATION about the  ENERGY OF SOUND, and learn tools and techniques that will help you on your path to total health and wellness.
This call will be fun, surprising and informative!
It may even change the way you LISTEN TO SOUNDS from now on…I hope it does!
I will  provide HEALTH-GIVING TIPS for YOU with regard to the ENERGY OF SOUND and how you can use it to INCREASE YOUR OWN PERSONAL WELLNESS, as well as  to increase your enjoyment of life! 
Below is the link to a FASCINATING call focused on the ENERGY of SOUND … DON’T MISS THIS ONE!
Title: Energy of Sound

Replay Link:  


We’ll identify ways where you can begin using the  ENERGY OF SOUND to achieve happiness, wellness and health, and how it could even help lead you to whatever other wonderful things you desire!

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