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Beautiful snowflake images…Happy Winter Solstice!

mazing macro-photography of individual snowflakes 

Photographer Alexey Kljatov takes incredible close-up photos of snowflakes in hisbackyard in Moscow. How is he able to capture the detail? Kljatov discusses his shooting technique

I capture snowflakes on the open balcony of my house, mostly on glass surface, lighted by an LED flashlight from the opposite side of the glass, and sometimes in natural light, using dark woolen fabrics as background.


Snowflake 1


Snowflake 2

Snowflake 3

Snowflake 4







So Exciting! Marianne Williamson running for Congress!

I don’t advocate too often for political candidates. Unfortunately,  I don’t seem to come across many I can enthusiastically endorse…

But this is a different story! WoW! I’m so delighted and so excited!

Marianne Williamson for Congress
The biggest threat to our country today is not from armies invading our shores. The biggest threat to our democracy is not bombs falling from the sky over an American city. No, our biggest threat is a pattern of a thousand cuts – the slow but now constant chipping away at our democratic freedoms—one…

Power Words by Sharon Anne Klingler

Are Your Words Igniting Success… or Hindering It?
Sharon Anne Klingler’s new book, Power Words, released by Hay House, is already being acclaimed as “…the most profound, transformative book ever written on the influence that our internal and external language has on our lives.” (Denise Linn). Power Words is a unique and groundbreaking book with never-before seen techniques that can turn thewords you use every day into a magnetic force you can direct at any moment. Power Wordswill have an immediate impact on your life. You’ll quickly realize that the talents, powers, and opportunities you seek are not far away. And, the words that you use can bring them to you.
Click here for more information about the book, bonus gifts and ordering! http://PowerWordsBook.com

Rebecca A Messenger on Emboldened Heart



Provides for you a





Rebecca’s Mission:

To Help each One realize how very precious they are…

To help each One see that they are the greatest Treasure. Nothing is more important than following your heart’s desires, for it will always keep you on course.

Rebecca shares a very  important message from the Christ and Buddha through Sananda for each one of us. Amazing! She then offers a Special Attunement of the Pineal Gland sanctioned by Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and Michael. This Attunement will activate three points of Light within your 3rd eye system which will allow for greater ease of communication with Spirit. The energy is “live” in the recording, so you can still benefit if you didn’t listen during the initial interview. 

Here’s the replay link for my interview with Rebecca A Messenger:

Title: Rebecca A Messenger on Emboldened Heart

The atunement energy is available in this recording. Enjoy!

Here’s the Link to the Replay : 

Rebecca is one very special gal! She’s intuitive, fun, insightful and WOW! Does she ever have a powerful Celestial Team…including Divine Mother, Archangels…and many more!  WOW! Her work is, as she calls it, “Meat n Taters” for our soul!


She also put together a fantastic special offer package just for YOU, which includes:


  1. “Get Rich with Your Spirit Guide” audio program.
  2. Heart Point Technique (HPT) instruction manual
  3. “7 Tips for Spiritual Housecleaning”
  4. “Guided Tour of the Other Side” audio mp3 
  5. Discount coupon for $25 off any of her other programs


Rebecca’s Special Offer Package can be accessed here:




You’re gonna love Rebecca.. She’s a bright LIGHT for the planet!

I want the very best for you! I want to help you open the doors to achieve more love, more peace, more abundance, more light, more of whateverYOUR HEART DESIRES!

Shena Salvato on Emboldened Heart



Live Your Passion Now … No Excuses!

 Shena Salvato is back! She is an Actualization Guide… She’s passionate and purposeful and her approach to living your life fully and joyfully…without excuses unlike any other! 
What can you expect during this event? 
Shena will help you understand how excuses may be getting in the way of YOU living your passion? You’ll learn about how going on an “Excuse Fast” can support you in more fully, and more joyfully, to live YOUR passion.
Title: Shena Salvato on Emboldened Heart
Here’s the Link to the Replay Page:



This event is a perfect gift for YOU as we head into the holiday season, then into the New Year! Shena has put together a wonderful, powerful and fun “Excuse Fast Circle” special package at a great discount for Emboldened Heart listeners. You can access it here:
Gift YOURSELF with this awesome “Excuse Fast”!  You’ll enjoy this!

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