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Wowwww! Pineal Gland Attunement and lots of “Meat n Taters” for your Soul from Rebecca A Messenger on Emboldened Heart – Powerful Replay


Provides for you a



Rebecca’s Mission:

To Help each One realize how very precious they are…

To help each One see that they are the greatest Treasure.

Nothing is more important than following your heart’s

desires, for it will always keep you on course.

Rebecca shares a very  important message from Sananda for each one of us. Amazing! She then offers a Special Attunement of the Pineal Gland sanctioned by Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and Michael. This Attunement will activate three points of Light within your 3rd eye system which will allow for greater ease of communication with Spirit. The energy is “live” in the recording, so you can still benefit if you didn’t listen during the initial interview. 

Here’s the link for my interview with Rebecca A Messenger:

Title: Rebecca A Messenger on Emboldened Heart

The atunement energy is available in this recording. Enjoy!

 Rebecca is one very special gal! She’s intuitive, fun, insightful and WOW! Does she ever have a powerful Celestial Team…including Divine Mother, Archangels…and many more!  WOW! Her work is, as she calls it, “Meat n Taters” for our soul!

She also put together a fantastic special offer package FOR YOU, which includes:

1)  “Get Rich with Your Spirit Guide” audio program.

2) Heart Point Technique (HPT) instruction manual

3) “7 Tips for Spiritual Housecleaning”

4) “Guided Tour of the Other Side” audio mp3 

5) Coupon for a $25 discount on any of her other programs

Rebecca’s Special Offer Package can be accessed here:


You’re gonna love Rebecca.. She’s a LIGHT for the planet!

She is an absolute gem!

Warm Regards,

Malinda Zarate


The Power of Words – Cancer Scientists are Beginning to “Get It”!

This was in the NEW YORK TIMES TODAY.
I’m so glad to see that there are more and more scientists who are really beginning to “Get” that words have power, including medical labels and diagnosis of physical symptoms and conditions.
Hallelujah! There is progress being made…Read the article below:
CANCER JULY 29, 2013, 11:00 AM 

Scientists Seek to Rein In Diagnoses of Cancer

The panel said that some premalignant conditions found in mammograms should not be identified as “carcinoma.”Damian Dovarganes/Associated PressThe panel said that some premalignant conditions found in mammograms should not be identified as “carcinoma.”

A group of experts advising the nation’s premier cancer research institution has recommended changing the definition of cancer and eliminating the word from some common diagnoses as part of sweeping changes in the nation’s approach to cancer detection and treatment.

The recommendations, from a working group of the National Cancer Institutewere published on Monday in The Journal of the American Medical Association. They say, for instance, that some premalignant conditions, like one that affects the breast called ductal carcinoma in situ, which many doctors agree is not cancer, should be renamed to exclude the word carcinoma so that patients are less frightened and less likely to seek what may be unneeded and potentially harmful treatments that can include the surgical removal of the breast.

The group, which includes some of the top scientists in cancer research, also suggested that many lesions detected during breast, prostate, thyroid, lung and other cancer screenings should not be called cancer at all but should instead be reclassified as IDLE conditions, which stands for “indolent lesions of epithelial origin.”

While it is clear that some or all of the changes may not happen for years, if it all, and that some cancer experts will profoundly disagree with the group’s views, the report from such a prominent group of scientists who have the backing of the National Cancer Institute brings the discussion to a higher level and will most likely change the national conversation about cancer, its definition, its treatment and future research.

“We need a 21st-century definition of cancer instead of a 19th-century definition of cancer, which is what we’ve been using,” said Dr. Otis W. Brawley, the chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society, who was not directly involved in the report.

The impetus behind the call for change is a growing concern among doctors, scientists and patient advocates that hundreds of thousands of men and women are undergoing needless and sometimes disfiguring and harmful treatments for premalignant and cancerous lesions that are so slow growing they are unlikely to ever cause harm.

The advent of highly sensitive screening technology in recent years has increased the likelihood of finding these so-called incidentalomas — the name given to incidental findings detected during medical scans that most likely would never cause a problem. However, once doctors and patients are aware a lesion exists, they typically feel compelled to biopsy, treat and remove it, often at great physical and psychological pain and risk to the patient. The issue is often referred to as overdiagnosis, and the resulting unnecessary procedures to which patients are subjected are called overtreatment.

Cancer researchers warned about the risk of overdiagnosis and overtreatment as a result of new recommendations from a government panel that heavy smokers be given an annual CT scan. While the policy change, announced on Monday but not yet made final, has the potential to save 20,000 lives a year, some doctors warned about the cumulative radiation risk of repeat scans as well as worries that broader use of the scans will lead to more risky and invasive medical procedures.

Officials at the National Cancer Institute say overdiagnosis is a major public health concern and a priority of the agency. “We’re still having trouble convincing people that the things that get found as a consequence of mammography and P.S.A. testing and other screening devices are not always malignancies in the classical sense that will kill you,” said Dr. Harold E. Varmus, the Nobel Prize-winning director of the National Cancer Institute. “Just as the general public is catching up to this idea, there are scientists who are catching up, too.”

An expert panel says lesions found in some cancer screenings should not be called cancer but should instead be reclassified.Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesAn expert panel says lesions found in some cancer screenings should not be called cancer but should instead be reclassified.

One way to address the issue is to change the language used to describe lesions found through screening, said Dr. Laura J. Esserman, the lead author of the report in The Journal of the American Medical Association and the director of the Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center at the University of California, San Francisco. In the report, Dr. Esserman and her colleagues said they would like to see a multidisciplinary panel convened to address the issue, led by pathologists, with input from surgeons, oncologists and radiologists, among others.

“Ductal carcinoma in situ is not cancer, so why are we calling it cancer?” said Dr. Esserman, who is a professor of surgery and radiology at the University of California, San Francisco.

Such proposals will not be universally embraced. Dr. Larry Norton, the medical director of the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, said the larger problem is that doctors cannot tell patients with certainty which cancers will not progress and which cancers will kill them, and changing terminology does not solve that problem.

“Which cases of D.C.I.S. will turn into an aggressive cancer and which ones won’t?” he said, referring to ductal carcinoma in situ. “I wish we knew that. We don’t have very accurate ways of looking at tissue and looking at tumors under the microscope and knowing with great certainty that it is a slow-growing cancer.”

Dr. Norton, who was not part of the report, agreed that doctors do need to focus on better communication with patients about precancerous and cancerous conditions. He said he often tells patients that even though ductal carcinoma in situ may look like cancer, it will not necessarily act like cancer — just as someone who is “dressed like a criminal” is not actually a criminal until that person breaks the law.

“The terminology is just a descriptive term, and there’s no question that has to be explained,” Dr. Norton said. “But you can’t go back and change hundreds of years of literature by suddenly changing terminology.”

But proponents of downgrading cancerous conditions with a simple name change say there is precedent for doing so. The report’s authors note that in 1998, the World Health Organization changed the name of an early-stage urinary tract tumor, removing the word “carcinoma” and calling it “papillary urothelial neoplasia of low malignant potential.” When a common Pap smear finding called “cervical intraepithelial neoplasia” was reclassified as a low-grade lesion rather than a malignancy, women were more willing to submit to observation rather than demanding treatment, Dr. Esserman said.

“Changing the language we use to diagnose various lesions is essential to give patients confidence that they don’t have to aggressively treat every finding in a scan,” she said. “The problem for the public is you hear the word cancer, and you think you will die unless you get treated. We should reserve this term, ‘cancer,’ for those things that are highly likely to cause a problem.”

The concern, however, is that since doctors do not yet have a clear way to tell the difference between benign or slow-growing tumors and aggressive diseases with many of these conditions, they treat everything as if it might become aggressive. As a result, doctors are finding and treating scores of seemingly precancerous lesions and early-stage cancers — like ductal carcinoma in situ, a condition called Barrett’s esophagus, small thyroid tumors and early prostate cancer.

But even after years of aggressively treating those conditions, there has not been a commensurate reduction in invasive cancer, suggesting that overdiagnosis and overtreatment are occurring on a large scale.

The National Cancer Institute working group also called for a greater focus on research to identify both benign and slow-growing tumors and aggressive diseases, including the creation of patient registries to learn more about lesions that appear unlikely to become cancer.

Some of that research is already under way at the National Cancer Institute. Since becoming director of the institute three years ago, Dr. Varmus has set up a list of “provocative questions” aimed at encouraging scientists to focus on critical areas, including the issue of overdiagnosis and molecular tests to distinguish between slow-growing and aggressive tumors.

Another National Cancer Institute program, the Barrett’s Esophagus Translational Research Network, or Betrnet, is focused on changes in the esophageal lining that for years have been viewed as a precursor to esophageal cancer. Although patients with Barrett’s are regularly screened and sometimes treated by burning off the esophageal lining, data now increasingly suggest that most of the time, Barrett’s is benign and probably does not need to be treated at all. Researchers from various academic centers are now working together and pooling tissue samples to spur research that will determine when Barrett’s is most likely to become cancerous.

“Our investigators are not just looking for ways to detect cancer early, they are thinking about this question of when you find a cancer, what are the factors that might determine how aggressively it will behave,” Dr. Varmus said. “This is a long way from the thinking 20 years ago, when you found a cancer cell and felt you had a tremendous risk of dying.”

A version of this article appeared in print on 07/30/2013, on page A1 of the NewYork edition with the headline: Scientists Urge Narrower Rules to Define Cancer.

Self Love Summit: How to Align with the Divine, Grow Your Inner Child and Bring Clarity and Love to Your Life


What if you could look into the minds of successful people who know how to truly love themselves and in fact actually like themselves and feel amazing about who they are?  View how Experts have created a deep connection of respect to themselves and others; do you want to create such joyful bliss in your experience?
Having true self love is a learned trait, something we go back and teach ourselves how to do. Are you one who looks in the mirror and smiles because you like the person you are, or do you feel slightly uncomfortable?  Can you truly look at yourself and say you love yourself without pain or discomfort?
Because the people in my life are very important to me and I know how many are looking to feel amazing in their own skin, I am excited to share with you a once-in-a lifetime gift that will transform your outlook on how you view yourself.
My colleague, “Mia Saenz, The Passion Muse”, has brought  together 21 of the world’s top self love experts for a special one time FREE video event: “Self Love Summit: How to Align with the Divine, Grow Your Inner Child and Bring Clarity and Love to Your Life!”  Join us beginning August 6, 2013, for 11 days, and each day we will have two Experts and the running show time will be approximately 90 minutes total.
I am incredibly excited because a special invitation has been given to me to speak as an expert at this event, and here’s the link: http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=53050704&msgid=377324&act=U0TC&c=1102815&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.self-lovesummit.com%2FMZarate.  It is my honor to partner with you and thousands of other people who desire to shift away from suffering, and into experiencing the self love you have always desired but didn’t know how to create. We can’t promise you that an event like this will ever happen again, so make sure to take advantage of it right away!
This unique video event will specifically position you to:
●      become clear on your own intentions of self value
●      learn simple, manageable tools to upgrade your thoughts and feelings
●      gain insights into what may be keeping you from optimal love
●      explore the mental/emotional and mind-body connection to your conscious awareness
●      manifest the love you’ve always wanted
and much more…
Click here to reserve your spot now!  http://www.self-lovesummit.com/MZarate
I really hope you’ll join us!
Warm Regards,
Malinda Zarate

The Energy of Gems and Crystals


The gems and crystals in our world provide much beauty, and though we may not be aware of it, the energy of these stones supports and heals us. We want health and vitality and we want the spaces that we reside and work in to lift us, to support us, to inspire us and to feel like our own special, beautiful and personal have, so thriving becomes more easy and attainable. Gems and Crystals can assist us.

I know that YOU can create synergy, peace, happiness, wellness and the wholeness that you deserve, and using THE ENERGY OFGEMS AND CRYSTALS is one way to do just that.
How do we learn about using gems and crystals, or how do we recognize the differences, and what are the various uses?
This call focuses on specific ways we can use The Energy of Gems and Crystals to enrich, strengthen and enliven us.

Title: The Energy of Gems and Crystals

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page:

Warm Regards,

Malinda Zarate


The Energy of Color




The color in our world holds energy and vibration. It gives us much beauty, and though we may not be aware of it, the energy of these colors supports and heals us. We want the spaces that we reside and work in to lift us, to support us, to inspire us and to feel like our own special, beautiful and personal haven, so thriving in our life becomes more easy and attainable. The Energy of Colors can assist us.

This Energy of Color can help you to create the synergy, peace, happiness, wellness and the wholeness that you deserve.
How do we go about using the Energy of Color, or how do we recognize it when we are in it?
This call focuses on specific ways we can use THE ENERGY OF COLOR to strengthen and enrich, to inspire and enliven us.
Here’s the link:
The Energy of Color
Here’s the Link to the Replay Page:


I want the very best for you! I want to help you open the doors to achieve more love, more peace, more abundance, more light, more of whatever  YOUR HEART DESIRES!

Warmest Regards,
Malinda Zarate

Subtle, but Powerful! Clear Your Chakras with Alison Kay on Emboldened Heart – Replay


Alison J. Kay, PhD

Alison J. Kay, PhD, is a force! She’s a Holistic Life Coach, India trained Yoga & Meditation teacher, Personal Trainer, and energy healer/shifter of 16 years, is nicknamed “the lightning bolt” due to the power of her energy healings with clients around the globe.

Alison Kay will share her amazing story of worldwide travel and studies.

Alison will be discussing the science of how the mind effects the body, how the chakras are one of the more accessible ways for Westerners to understand how the subtle energies of our mind-body connection work, and then doing ThetaHealings to clear the most typical (and foundational to each and every aspect to our lives)  blocks carried in each of the chakras.


She will take you through a powerful chakra clearing process

Here’s the replay link  interview with Alison Kay:

Title: Alison Kay on Emboldened Heart


She also has a special offer, that is only available to you during this special event, that will reset your beliefs and free you to create more peace, happiness and joy in your life.
Alison Kay’s Special Offer:


The unique blend of credentials, use of multiple modalities, and wealth of experience she acquired during the 10 years she spent living in Asia studying subtle energy practices make her perspective and manner of working with people around the world incredibly powerful. She recently released her first book from Hay House’s Balboa Press, What If There’s Nothing Wrong?

Don’t miss this interview!

I want the very best for you! I want to help you open the doors to achieve more love, more peace, more abundance, more light, more of whatever  YOUR HEART DESIRES!

Warmest Regards,
Malinda Zarate

Energy Healing with The Emotion Code

Emboldened Heart – Energetic Healing



What is it?

 An energetic healing process created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a chiropractor. He developed this program after 20 plus years of working with individuals, many of whom were told they had incurable conditions. This work is based upon identifying and releasing trapped emotions held within the physical body as a result of difficult or painful life experiences. These emotions begin to be trapped very early in life and sometimes can even be inherited. They tend to be trapped in the core of your body, but can actually be trapped anywhere in your physical body.

One of the most significant places where these emotions tend to be trapped is in your chest around the area of your heart. This can contribute to blocks to loving or being loved, to self-love, relationships, scarcity, anxiety, even panic attacks. It’s quite possible that trapped emotions contribute to all heart-related disease, including high blood pressure, and even heart attacks. Releasing these trapped emotions can make an enormous positive change in all areas of life.

 Is it Gentle?

 The process is gentle and quick. Trapped emotions can be identified and released in a matter of minutes. The process does not even require that you know when or how the emotion was trapped, though that information is sometimes very helpful.

 Is it Permanent?

 Once a trapped emotion is released, it can never come back, as it was trapped as a protective mechanism over something which occurred at a time in the past. Once we identify it and release it, the trapped emotion dissolves permanently.

 How does it Work?

 Using simple muscle testing and asking questions that need only a “YES” or “NO” answer, we are able to obtain information from your subconscious mind that helps us to identify specific emotions that are trapped.  It’s just an energy blockage, that we are identifying. Your subconscious will tell us everything we need to know in order to release the trapped emotion.

 Will it Help Me?

 Releasing trapped emotions can be very helpful as a part of your overall approach wellness. It can help bring about more emotional balance and increased energy. It can certainly be used along with any and all other wellness approaches you may wish to use.


Will it Take a Long Time to See Results?

 Everyone is different, and different individuals see results more quickly than others. However, the good news is that usually you experience a positive shift within a short period of time.


Do I Need to Devote a Lot of Time to This? 

The sessions are 30 – 50 minutes each and often just a few sessions are all you will need to really see positive results. The sessions can be done in person, by phone, or via Skype. There is no need to “lie down” on a sofa or even meet in person unless you want to. Often individuals prefer to have the sessions by phone or Skype so they can be comfortable in their own space, they won’t need to drive and can easily rest or relax after the session, if they wish. It’s just more convenient.


Will I feel Funny Afterward or have to follow any sort of Protocol? 

Most people feel just fine after a session. In fact, some people feel more energized. Others feel a little sleepy and want to rest a bit afterward. Everyone is different. The good news is that there are really no special instructions other than to drink a lot of water for the next 24-48 hours. That’s it! It’s really simple, nothing you need to do.

For more information or to book a session, contact Malinda Zarate at emboldenedheart@gmail.com

The Energy of Sacred Space

The Energy of Sacred Space

Tomorrow – Friday, July 12th

We want the spaces that we reside and work in to Lift us, to Support us, to Inspire us and to feel like our own special, sacred and personal Haven, so thriving in our life becomes more easy and attainable.
This is what I want for you and I know that you can create synergy, peace, happiness, wellness and the wholeness that you deserve.
How do we go about creating sacred space, or how do we recognize it when we are in it?
This call will focus on specific ways we can create sacred space or recognize this in our homes, our communities and in our lives.
Here’s the link:
Title: The Energy of Sacred Space

Date: Friday, July 12th

Times: 11 am Pacific Time, 12 Noon Mountain Time,  1 pm Central Time, 2 pm Eastern Time

Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
To attend, visit:

Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
Pin Code: 804541#
There are many different ways and approaches to use of sacred space, many different tools and techniques for creating it. We’ll cover as much as possible during the hour we are together.
This will be fun, practical and very beneficial… Please join me!
Warm Regards,
Malinda Zarate

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