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Balance My Energy? How?

One of the most simple and effective ways we can actually feel better, look better and think better is by balancing our energy. The trouble is more people don’t know what that means or how to go about it…

Balancing our own energy can be done a variety of ways, and the goal is to get our mind and body functioning at its optimum, without overload or exhaustion as an outcome.

One of the best ways to balance our own energy is to BREATHE…. It doesn’t have to be fancy, schmancy Yogi-style breathing… Just breathe! Deeply in, slowly out. Just taking a couple of minutes to do this can reset our entire body. Yet, how often during the day do we take these precious few minutes to do just that? Not often enough…

Another really great way to balance our own energy is to STRETCH… Again, nothing fancy, no twisty pretzel postures or anything of the sort. Just simple, easy stretching can be amazingly effective. If you can stand up and stretch, all the better. It just gives your entire body a nice little “charge-up” of energy and circulation. Reach up, reach out, twist around a little, then shake it out. Just takes a few minutes. If you can’t stand up, remain sitting and stretch out your limbs and give them a little shake. So simple, and so helpful for you…

A third really great way to balance your energy is to get outside in nature for at least a few minutes every day. The magnetic field of the Earth can help to reset your personal energy. There’s lots of  healthy, natural energy outside. Wind blowing, water running, birds flying, bees buzzing, flowers blooming, etc. It’s all energy and movement, all occurring naturally and rhythmically. Just being outside where trees and plants are growing can really make a difference in how we feel. If you can, kick your shoes off and stand barefoot in some grass, on native stone or in running water. It’s heavenly. If you can’t take your shoes off, go up and lean on the nearest tree for a few minutes. That tree has roots that go deep into the Earth, and touching that tree with your hands or leaning up against it will help re-charge you. Try it!


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